Swaddle me Softly

There are few things in life more adorable than a sleeping baby snugly swaddled in soft, natural merino or cotton.

What are the benefits?

  • Swaddling or wrapping is used to help newborn babies remain on their back, which has been proven to reduce occurrences of SIDS
  • It helps soothe and settle a fussy baby, especially one that is colicky and irritable.
  • Newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature, so using natural merino to swaddle will help this.
  • And most importantly, evidence suggests swaddling helps babies sleep longer and more deeply with fewer incidents of waking and an increased ability to resettle themselves.  Meaning everyone gets a better night sleep!

Baby Caterpillar Swaddling

Wrapping instructions

Lay the wrap out where you plan to wrap baby.  Both wings should be on the same side.  Slip baby into the fitted body pocket and wrap the shortest wing under baby which will mean one arm is already wrapped.  Then stretch the longest wing across the front of baby and wrap tight around and under and tuck into the side.  HINT: If you have an especially wriggly baby then when you wrap the longest wing around the front, add a twist first, which will allow you to take it high around the shoulder and hold the arms in lower.

How to Swaddle

  • I have used several different types of swaddles (or wraps as you call them) over the course of my 3 children, but I just had to email you and let you know that I love your one the most.  It really is so easy to use and fits for much longer than the other merino ones I had.  I have finished having children now, but I will be telling anyone who needs a swaddle for a baby to buy your ones. 

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Thank you for my sleep. I LOVE YOU! I received one of your baby merino swaddles for a baby shower gift, and finally my beautiful baby girl slept through for more than 2 hours at night. I had always wrapped her, but she always managed to get her arms and legs out and then wake up. Having the pocket thing meant she could not get her legs and feet out, then I just had to wrap her arms, and she stayed like that all night long. I will be getting a sleeping bag very soon

    Liz (& Isobel)
    Ellerslie, New Zealand

  • Just wanted to say how awesome your sleeping bags are!!! Quality make and TOUGH! I purchased the twin pack (1 winter & 1 std weight) I was a  bit dubious about spending so much but has been the best product I've bought for our little girl & worth every cent! so nice to know she's snug as in her bed .... Easy to wash too.  Would recommend your products over and over again.... And great they are still made in nz!!!  Thanks again

    Auckland, New Zealand