Whats the ideal room temperature?

This is possibly the number one question I get asked when it comes to sleeping, merino and newborn babies.  And while I would love to give you a definitive answer, unfortunately, like with most things relating to babies, there is no clear cut answer.  Common sense and mothers intuition are often the best way forward.

I do however know the science behind merino and its ability to maintain a comfortable micro-climate for your baby and toddler - so here it is!


Unless the nighttime temperature is 24/26 degrees plus, then your newborn baby will either need several layers of clothing and bedding or natural body temperature regulating fabrics like merino.  Using merino against the skin will ensure that when your baby needs the warmth (because they can't regulate it themselves), then the properties of merino will retain and circulate the body heat.   Likewise, when you put your baby to bed during the day or early at night when the heat is still in the sun the merino properties will draw and release moisture away from the baby.  Premature babies may also need an extra layer of clothing until their weight is more full term. Our lightweight merino is a great option for prem babies as it is super soft due to its low micron rating.

So assuming the room temperature is around 16/18 degrees then you can use both our lightweight merino (with 2-3 merino layers) or our standard weight merino (with 1-2 merino layers) - it really does come down to personal preference


Like with babies merino is perfect for toddlers, especially ones who kick off their covers and blankets, then wake between 3-5am because they are cold.  Our merino/cotton sleeping bags combined with merino pajamas or sleepsuits work together to prevent this.


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