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Why is wrapping (swaddling) so important for newborn babies?

There are lots of good reasons why you should swaddle, or wrap, your baby, but the best reason is that it generally helps your baby to settle quicker and sleep for longer. It helps give them a sense of security and controls the startle reflect (so they wont hit themselves in the head and wake up).  For the first 3 months of their lives, babies cannot control their reflexes and so often startle themselves awake. At the hospital, nurses and midwives swaddle babies tightly in cotton nappies, but when I took my children home, I found that swaddling in nappies just didn’t work for me. My children always quickly got their arms or legs free, and I found cotton didn’t have enough stretch or warmth to wrap them snugly. 

So I created the Baby Caterpillar wrap – it is made from beautiful New Zealand merino, which stretches to make wrapping easier and, being a natural fibre, also breathes to keep your baby at a comfortable and safe temperature. The body pocket means that little feet can never escape, while also allowing the legs to naturally fall into the “frog” position, which allows the hip joints to develop normally.

In my home, wrapping was a part of our bedtime routine and so became a sleep signal for my children. There is only one way to use the Baby Caterpillar wrap, which means the children were wrapped correctly every time – even my husband quickly became a pro!