Why swaddling is really important

A good swaddle (or wrap) really can help your baby get to sleep, stay asleep longer and help your baby develop good sleep habits early on - and there are few things in life more adorable than a sleeping baby snugly swaddled in soft merino.

  • Swaddling has proven to help prevent the startle reflex that newborn babies have - meaning that if you swaddle with their arms down, they wont wake up because they have hit themselves in the head. 
  • It also helps newborns feel comforted and calm in the tight, womb-like wrap - after all it is all they have ever known. 
  • And most importantly swaddling keeps your baby warm while they sleep (which is when their temperature tends to drop) without the need for loose blankets, which could be a suffocation hazard.
  • Swaddling is used to help newborn babies remain sleeping on their back, which has been proven to reduce occurrences of SIDS.

Most importantly, evidence suggest swaddling helps babies sleep longer and more deeply with fewer incidents of waking and an increased ability to resettle themselves.  Meaning everyone gets a better night sleep!  

Our wraps (swaddles) have the added benefit of being incredibly easy to use.  Simply slip your baby into the hip-healthy body pocket, wrap the wings around to secure them as you want - arms in (recommended) or arms out (personal preference). 


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