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BUNDLE: Wrap, Nightgown, Hat, Booties & Singlet (STD Weight Merino)

Bring baby home wrapped from head to toe in pure merino comfort.

Because babies spend so much of the first few weeks sleeping, it's important to dress them in natural fabrics like merino.  Sleeping with merino against their sensitive newborn skin will keep them at the perfect temperature each and every sleep. 

This Bundle Pack is all you will need for sleeping and it includes: 

  • STD Weight Merino Wrap (Swaddle)
  • Nightgown with a FREE knotted beanie
  • Booties & Nb-3mth Singlet (Cream) and is perfect to pack in your hospital bag. 

How to wear it:

Use the nb-3mth layering singlet directly against the skin.  Wearing it against the skin will ensure the merino properties work to maintain even body temperature. Next, add the booties and the Nightgown over the top (this is basically Pyjamas for newborns).  Finish by swaddling your newborn in our uniquely designed fitted wrap and then simply lay down to sleep.  During the day sleeps, you might want to add the knotted beanie, but it is not advisable to sleep your baby in a hat overnight.

Our Wrap (Swaddle) Design:

Our swaddle is superior to all other wraps on the market because we have eliminated all the guesswork and made it easy to use - even dads can wrap/swaddle like a pro.  Simply slip your baby into the body pocket and wrap the wings around your precious bundle.  The super-soft merino stretches to form a snug fit around your little one making them feel safe, secure and warm - no folding, zips or Velcro required. Our wraps/swaddles are designed to be worn over pyjamas such as nightgowns & sleepsuits and therefore replace the need for loose blankets.

  • The perfect fit for your newborn till between 3-4months or till they start to roll over, whichever comes first.
  • Hip-healthy - The extra-wide body pocket allows for the natural hip movement, meaning the legs will naturally fall into the 'frog' position.  This helps to prevent Hip Dysplasia.

  • The extra-long length measures 65cm from the back of the neck to the bottom of the pocket. When a baby is very little, and there is an excess length in the body pocket you can easily tuck the fabric under, tie it with an elastic band or simply tie a knot at the bottom to avoid the possibility of baby slipping down.
  • It is designed to be worn with arms in, however, you can easily wear with one or both arms out, making it an ideal transition swaddle. 

It's a proven fact that babies loved to be swaddled/wrapped, and our beautifully designed pure merino fitted wrap makes easy work of it.  Made from pure merino and uniquely designed to fit your baby from newborn to approx 3-4 months, they are the perfect start before you begin to think about sleeping bags or blankets.

  • ALWAYS sleep baby on his/her back, on a firm, flat surface and make sure the head and faceare uncovered.

Our Drawstring Nightgown Design:

Designed to fit your newborn through the wrapping (swaddling) stage and right through the transition to a sleeping bag (approx 6mths).   Our envelope neck is designed for easy fit over the head.  And our generous length (64cm through the body) will allow for plenty of kick room or for those extra tall babies. Beautiful pleats on the front, not only make the nightgown look lovely, but they help achieve a better fit through the chest area.  We also double stitch our drawstring at the bottom so you won't crack the stitching when pulling closed.
  • All our merino nightgowns come with a matching knotted beanie as an extra layer of comfort and warmth. 

Merino baby nightie

Our Knotted Beanie Design:

Our knotted beanies will generally fit from newborn to approx 3/5 months old and are designed to fit, so they don't fall down over babies eyes.  Simply tie the knot to fit your baby's head and adjust the knot as they grow.   The knotted hat are perfect for daytime strolling and all out and about activities - just make sure you don't sleep your baby overnight in a hat (as they may overheat).

Our Bootie Design:

Designed to be worn alone or with socks underneath, these booties can be worn at home or out and about.  They are perfect for layering and because they are made by Baby Caterpillar, you know they have been sized a little bit bigger, so you can get more wear out of them. Sized to fit your newborn to approx 3-4mths.

Our Singlet Design:

Our pure merino singlets are not only incredibly comfortable they are also very practical.  Perfect for layering during the coldest months under our merino nightgowns or sleepsuits, and they work brilliantly under our popular merino fitted baby wraps.  When the temperature starts to change, these singlets can be worn alone against the skin with just a nappy. Designed to be extra long through the body.

The classic style singlet is made for layering and is an essential piece of clothing for extra warmth for your newborn. This Pure Merino baby-wear is exclusively available online and just like all our Baby Caterpillar products, is made to machine washable on a wool cycle, using wool approved detergent.