Merino knotted beanies (std weight)

For the cold winter days & windy spring outings when you need beautiful, soft warm merino layers xx

What is STANDARD WEIGHT merino:

We call this is our 365 days of the year merino - it's super soft and perfect for all babies and we recommend this weight for ALL seasons.  This is a great SAFE option if you are unsure which one to get.  Learn more about the differences in our merino weights.

Perfect for any new arrival and an essential part of any newborn's wardrobe. As babies can't regulate their temperature using pure merino knotted hats will help them stay warm in winter, and cool in summer all day long.  They are made to match our beautiful merino sleepsuits, nightgowns and wraps.

So adorable and perfect to finish off any outfit, and if you are in need of a baby shower gift these are a perfect choice.  The knotted hat are perfect for daytime strolling and all out and about activities - just make sure you don't sleep your baby overnight in a hat (as they may overheat).

Key features & design:

  • Designed to fit from newborn to approx 3-5mths.
  • The folded hem design is sewn down on the sides to prevent falling down over babies eyes.
  • Knotted design - simply tie the knot to fit your baby's head and adjust the knot as they grow for a perfect fit.
  • Available in our different weighted merino options.  Click here to find out more information about which weight is right for you.
  • Made locally in New Zealand.
merino standard weight knotted beanies

Why should I use merino against the skin for layering?

Merino should be used for all newborn babies 365 days of the year for night-time sleeping.  In fact on those warmer nights, it works BETTER than cotton to help regulate temperature and keep your newborn baby cool.  Newborn babies can not regulate temperature for around 12 weeks of life - this means they might be cold even when it's hot in the house.  So it is really important to use merino against the skin so the merino garment can do the job for them.

Merino will draw the moisture away from your newborn delicate skin when warm and then as the temperature drops (between 3-5 am) the merino will push the warmth back into the skin - so they don't wake up because they are cold. If merino hadn't been invented by nature, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was invented by magic.


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