Merino singlet (base layers)

"The best merino interlock singlet on earth"

There's a reason why our singlets are the best...

A great wardrobe essential, and perfect for any season for layering against the skin or to just wear alone with a nappy.

Perfect for layering during the coldest months under our merino nightgowns or sleepsuits, and they work brilliantly under our popular merino fitted baby wraps. 

When the temperature starts to change, these singlets can be worn alone against the skin with just a nappy.

The classic style singlet is made for layering and is an essential piece of clothing for extra warmth for your newborn.

NOTE:  we recently changed the our labels so some of our singlets will state newborn (instead of the 0-3mths) however, they are they same 0-3mth size. 

Size to fit Length Width
0-3mths 29cm (shoulder to bottom) 19cm (across the chest)
3-6mths 31cm (shoulder to bottom) 21cm (across the chest)
6-12mths 32cm (shoulder to bottom) 22cm (across the chest)
  • Extra-long through the body, so you get coverage all the way to the nappy area and easy to tuck in if needed.  Plus because there are no domes, your baby won't out grow the body length to quickly.
  • Made from pure merino, which holds its shape and fits close to the body for added heat to help babies regulate their temperature.
  • Select from our lite, standard, and winter weights.
  • Made locally in New Zealand

Merino baby singlets

Use Merino against the skin for layering:

Merino should be used for all newborn babies 365 days of the year for night-time sleeping.  In fact on those warmer nights, it works BETTER than cotton to help regulate temperature and keep your newborn baby cool.  Newborn babies can not regulate temperature for around 12 weeks of life - this means they might be cold even when it's hot in the house.  So it is really important to use merino against the skin so the merino garment can do the job for them.

Merino will draw the moisture away from your newborn delicate skin when warm and then as the temperature drops (between 3-5am) the merino will push the warmth back into the skin - so they don't wake up because they are cold. If merino hadn't been invented by nature, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was invented by magic.


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