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A perfect option for babies born in Winter if you don't want to worry about too much layering, or if you live in a colder climate or house.  Merino Interlock has been woven with pockets of air to give it extra warmth and durability without the weight.

Merino fitted wrap (winter weight) from $74.95 $74.95
BUNDLE: wrap & base layers (winter merino) $134.95 $159.95 $134.95 $159.95
Merino sleeveless onesie (base layers) $44.95 $44.95
Merino singlet (base layers) $25.95 $34.95 $25.95 $34.95
Merino long-sleeve onesie (base layers) $49.95 $49.95
Merino knotted beanies (base layer) $19.95 $19.95

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