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BUNDLE: Buy 2 Wraps with Beanies (Interlock Merino)

The best wrap option and customer favourite.

An extra warm option for bundling up your little one during winter and spring.  This MERINO INTERLOCK is ultra-soft, ultra-warm and completely essential for Winter/Spring or PREM babies.  Merino Interlock has been woven with pockets of air to give it extra warmth and durability without the weight. 

Often our customers who purchase one baby wrap come back within a few days and order more - so to help, we have added this bundle deal, complete with the matching knotted beanies.  Because let's face it - when you need one - you need one!  So now when one set is in the wash, there is no need to panic...  And of course, it is the perfect option for twins.

These wraps (swaddles) work perfectly with our drawstring gown sets and singlets for newborn babies to help regulate temperature through the night.

When putting together your basic checklist to help you and your baby get through the first 12-weeks this newborn wrap (Swaddle) is ideal for nighttime survival.  It will see you through the first few tricky months - and is perfect to pack in your hospital bag.

Our Wrap (Swaddle) Design:

Our swaddle is superior to all other wraps on the market because we have eliminated all the guesswork and made it easy to use - even dads can wrap/swaddle like a pro.  Simply slip your baby into the body pocket and wrap the wings around your precious bundle.  The super-soft merino stretches to form a snug fit around your little one making them feel safe, secure and warm - no folding, zips or Velcro required. Our wraps/swaddles are designed to be worn over pyjamas such as nightgowns & sleepsuits and therefore replace the need for loose blankets.

  • The perfect fit for your newborn till between 3-4months or till they start to roll over, whichever comes first.
  • Hip-healthy - The extra-wide body pocket allows for the natural hip movement, meaning the legs will naturally fall into the 'frog' position.  This helps to prevent Hip Dysplasia.

  • The extra-long length measures 65cm from the back of the neck to the bottom of the pocket. When a baby is very little, and there is an excess length in the body pocket you can easily tuck the fabric under, tie it with an elastic band or simply tie a knot at the bottom to avoid the possibility of baby slipping down.
  • It is designed to be worn with arms in, however, you can easily wear with one or both arms out, making it an ideal transition swaddle. 

It's a proven fact that babies loved to be swaddled/wrapped, and our beautifully designed pure merino fitted wrap makes easy work of it.  Made from pure merino and uniquely designed to fit your baby from newborn to approx 3-4 months, they are the perfect start before you begin to think about sleeping bags or blankets.

  • ALWAYS sleep baby on his/her back, on a firm, flat surface and make sure the head and faceare uncovered.

Our Knotted Beanie Design:

This Bundle pack comes with the matching knotted beanies for an extra layer of comfort and warmth.  They will generally fit from newborn to approx 3-5 months old and are designed to fit, so they don't fall down over babies eyes.  Simply tie the knot to fit your baby's head and adjust the knot as they grow.   The knotted beanies are perfect for day time strolling and all out and about activities - just make sure you don't sleep your baby overnight in a hat (as they may overheat).

This Merino babywear is exclusively available online and just like all our Baby Caterpillar products, is made to machine washable on a wool cycle, using a wool-approved detergent. Here are our washing instructions