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Wondering what the major differences is between our Summer & Winter Merino Collections.

Merino is perfect for baby, infant and toddler sleepwear and bedding because of its unique ability to manage key factors such as temperature and moisture control all year round, in all climates (365 days of the year). 

At Baby Caterpillar we use a Summer Lightweight merino  and a Winter Merino, but it's important to note that both of these merino options will work the same, in as, they will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer, but depending on when your baby is born, and other outside factors such as room temperature (ideal room temp is 18 degrees) and season choosing a slightly lighter or slightly heavier weight will allow for less or more layering underneath.

Remember there is no real right or wrong purchase, when it comes to merino - just make sure that it is 100% pure merino and preferably NZ made.  

    Winter Merino Collection

    All our Winter merino is 195-200gsm, unless it states otherwise, which means it's ideal for babies born in Winter, Spring & Autumn.

    Its super soft and perfect for all babies, infants and toddlers and is our most popular option.  If you select the 220gsm merino, it it be slightly warmer than the 195-200gsm - but still feel ultra soft and not at all bulky - warmth without the weight!

      Spring - add 1-2 merino layers
      Autumn - add 1-2 merino layers
      Winter - add 2-3 merino layers

        Summer Merino Collection

        All our Summer Merino is 150-160gsm, which means it's ideal for babies born in Summer & Spring.

        Our stunning Summer Lightweight Merino collection has all the warmth benefits that newborn babies need to regulate temperature, it's ultra-soft and ultra-lite-weight, so you get natural merino that is lite enough to layer with whatever you want.  Now we are not saying, throw away your cotton or muslin wraps, but for the extra long, overnight sleeps merino is best. 

        If you think your baby might be sensitive to wool - then buy this is a great option as it is only 17 micron merino (which just means it is best for sensitive skin, especially during the warmest months or for PREM babies born outside of Winter).

        Summer  - add 1 merino layer (or just a nappy)
        Spring - add 2-3 merino layers
        Autumn - add 2-3 merino layers
        Winter - not recommended