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Which merino option should I choose?


Merino is perfect for baby, infant and toddler sleepwear and bedding because of its unique ability to manage key factors such as temperature and moisture control all year round, in all climates (365 days of the year).  But of course not all merino is created equal - there are different weight options and softness to select from.  

We have three merino options: 

  • Standard Merino - this is our 365 days of the year merino - its super soft and perfect for all babies and we recommend this weight for ALL seasons.  This is a great SAFE options if you are unsure which one to get. 
  • Lightweight Merino - this another popular option for Summer, Autumn & Spring  - it is our softest merino, but it weighs next to nothing.  We recommended this if you want options for layering up or down depending on outside temperatures.  The best option for babies who are sensitive to wool and also great for PREM babies who are born outside of Winter. 
  • Merino Interlock - this is our warmest weight merino - ultra soft, yet not to heavy, it is perfect for Winter babies.  We also recommend this weight for PREM babies born in Winter.