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Which merino option should I choose?


Merino is perfect for baby, infant and toddler sleepwear and bedding because of its unique ability to manage key factors such as temperature and moisture control all year round, in all climates (365 days of the year).  But of course not all merino is created equal - there are different weight options and softness to select from.  

We have three merino options: 

  • Pure Merino - this is our 365 days of the year merino - ultra soft and perfect for all babies and we recommend this weight for ALL seasons, so you can choose whether to layer up or down.
  • Merino Interlock - this is our warmest weight merino - ultra soft and perfect for Winter/Spring babies and especially good for PREM babies. 
  • Summer Merino - this is our Summer only merino - it feels more like a muslin fabric, and is only recommended for very hot summer temperatures. 

Please note that this is a guideline of what a newborn baby could wear for SLEEPING for the first 3-6mths, although requirements may vary for different babies, and different external conditions.  This is based on what season they are born in and uses an average temperature for that season. 

It is recommended that room temperature for a baby is between 16-20 degrees.

To check baby is not to hot or cold, check behind their neck or stomach and adjust layers accordingly.