All our merino sleepwear is ethnically designed and made locally in New Zealand.

BUNDLE: wrap, gown & hat (lightweight)

Available for dispatch immediately. 

What is LIGHTWEIGHT merino:

Our stunning lightweight merino collection has all the warmth benefits that newborn babies need to regulate temperature, it's ultra-soft and ultra-lightweight, so you get natural merino that is lite enough to layer with whatever you want; for example: during extra warm nights, you might like to wear just a pure merino singlet and nappy underneath your fitted wrap, then as the temperature cools down, start adding a nightgown, sleepsuit and singlet. 

If you think your baby might be sensitive to wool - then buy this ultra-soft, lightweight merino as it is only 17 micro merino (which means it's best for sensitive skin, especially during the warmest monthsLearn more about the differences in our merino weights.

Because babies spend so much of the first few weeks sleeping, it's important to dress them in natural fabrics like merino.  Sleeping with merino against their sensitive newborn skin will keep them at the perfect temperature each and every sleep. 

This Bundle Package includes:

  • Merino wrap
  • Merino gown
  • Merino knotted beanie

How to wear this package:

Wear the singlet and the nappy against the skin.  Then add the merino nightgown over that followed by our very popular merino wrap - which becomes the blanket.  Plus we are going to give you a free knotted beanie in this set.

All about our wraps:

It's a proven fact that babies loved to be swaddled/wrapped. 

Our swaddle is superior to all other wraps on the market because we have eliminated all the guesswork and made it easy to use - even dads can wrap/swaddle like a pro.  Simply slip your baby into the hip-healthy body pocket and wrap the wings around your precious bundle. The super-soft merino stretches to form a snug fit around your little one making them feel safe, secure and warm - no folding, zips or Velcro required.

Remember, wraps are considered blankets for babies.  We recommend you use our wraps over our nightgowns or sleepsuits which will replace the need for loose blankets, and be a perfect level of warmth.

Key features & design:

  • The perfect fit for your newborn till between 3mths or till they start to roll over, whichever comes first.
  • Hip-healthy - Our body pocket is wide enough to allow the baby to actively flex the hips with excessive restraint, while also allowing for good hip abduction and rotation.  Watch the video below to see that the hips can naturally fall into the "frog position" which helps prevent hip dysplasia.

  • The long length measures 65cm from the back of the neck to the bottom of the pocket. When baby is very little, and there is excess length in the body pocket you can easily tuck the fabric under, tie it with an elastic band or simply tie a knot at the bottom to avoid the possibility of baby slipping down.
  • It is designed to be worn with arms in, however, you can easily wear with one or both arms out, making it an ideal transition swaddle. 
  • Made locally in New Zealand.

      All about our nightgowns:

      We really don't mean to brag, but we honestly believe our nightgowns will be your favourite newborn essential, and they are so well made that you will be passing them down from baby to baby, family to family...

      Made from soft warm merino, they are ideal for your brand new baby before you begin to think about sleeping bags or blankets and are a great item to pack in your hospital overnight bag. Plus they are designed to fit from newborn to approx 6mths, so you get great value for money. We suggest you wear them under our merino fitted wraps.

      Key features & design:

      • Generously designed to fit from newborn to approx 6mths.
      • A drawstring at the bottom to allow for easy access for nappy changes - night times will be so much easier for mum and dad
      • Designed to be simple to get on and off with the envelope neckline.
      • Front pleats for a better fit through the chest area
      • Extra-long for plenty of kick room and growth. Measurements: 64cm length through the body
      • Double-stitched drawstring so you won't break the stitching when pulling closed.
      • As with all our Baby Caterpillar garments our nightgowns are machine washable and able to be tumble dried (on a cool setting).
      • Made locally in New Zealand

      Why should you use merino against the skin for layering:

      Merino should be used for all newborn babies 365 days of the year for night-time sleeping.  In fact on those warmer nights, it works BETTER than cotton to help regulate temperature and keep your newborn baby cool.  Newborn babies can not regulate temperature for around 12 weeks of life - this means they might be cold even when it's hot in the house.  So it is really important to use merino against the skin so the merino garment can do the job for them.

      Merino will draw the moisture away from your newborn delicate skin when warm and then as the temperature drops (between 3-5am) the merino will push the warmth back into the skin - so they don't wake up because they are cold. If merino hadn't been invented by nature, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was invented by magic.