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NIGHTGOWN & BEANIE (Interlock Merino)

This will become your most treasured baby product.

A perfect option for babies born in Winter/Spring if you don't want to worry about too much layering, or if you live in a colder climate or house.  This Merino Interlock is ultra soft and ultra warm at 230grm. Merino Interlock has been woven with pockets of air to give it extra warmth and durability without the weight.

We don't want to brag, but these are truly the BEST drawstring nightgowns on earth.  Our beautifully made gown sets are made from soft, warm merino and ideal for your brand new baby. It really is the perfect start before you begin to think about sleeping bags or blankets and it's a great item to pack in your hospital overnight bag.  Pair these with our merino singlets or onesies and use together with our fitted wraps for the perfect night sleep. 

Our Nightgown Design:

Designed to fit your newborn through the wrapping (swaddling) stage and right through the transition to a sleeping bag (approx 6mths).   Our envelope neck is designed for easy fit over the head.  And our generous length (64cm through the body) will allow for plenty of kick room or for those extra tall babies. Beautiful pleats on the front, not only make the nightgown look lovely, but they help achieve a better fit through the chest area.  We also double stitch our drawstring at the bottom so you won't crack the stitching when pulling closed.

  • All our merino nightgowns come with a matching knotted beanie as an extra layer of comfort and warmth. 

Merino baby nightie

Our Beanie Design:

Our knotted beanies will generally fit from newborn to approx 3-5 months old, and are designed to fit, so they don't fall down over babies eyes.  Simply tie the knot to fit your baby's head and adjust the knot as they grow.   The knotted beanies are perfect for day time strolling and all out and about activities - just make sure you don't sleep your baby overnight in a hat (as they may overheat).

All of these items are made in New Zealand and exclusively availableon-line.