Welcome to our classic, core range of merino.  This is our beautiful, soft everyday standard merino 170/180 grms. It is perfect for 365 days of the year for night-time sleeping to help newborn babies regulate their temperature and sleep better and for longer, without the need for extra blankets and covers.  Check out more reasons for wearing merino 365 days of the year for night-time sleeping here.


  • 1 x Merino baby wrap:
    • Sized to fit nb-5/6mths
    • Extra long length measures 60cm from the back of the neck to the bottom
  • 1 x Merino knotted beanie (optional)
    • Sized to fit nb- 3/4mths

So why do you need this:

Its a proven fact that babies loved to be swaddled/wrapped, and our beautifully designed pure merino fitted wrap makes easy work of it.  Made from pure merino and uniquely designed to fit your baby from newborn to approx 5/6 months, they are the perfect start before you begin to think about sleeping bags or blankets. 

During the cooler months they work in combination with our gowns or sleepsuits to keep baby warm and safe for night-time sleeping.  Then during the warmer months you can just sleep them with a nappy and singlet underneath.  Either way, you can use them 365 day of the year for newborn babies.


Our wrap sets is superior to all other wraps on the market because we have eliminated all the guess work and made it easy to use - even dads can wrap/swaddle like a pro.  Simply slip your baby's feet into the body pocket and wrap the wings around your precious bundle.  The super soft merino stretches to form a snug fit around your little one making them feel safe and warm - no folding, zips or Velcro required. 

  • The extra wide body pocket allows for the natural hip movement, meaning the legs will naturally fall into the 'frog' position.  This helps to prevent Hip Dysplasia.


Our knotted beanies will generally fit from newborn to approx 3/4 months old, and are designed to fit, so they don't fall down over babies eyes.  Simply tie the knot to fit your baby's head and adjust the knot as they grow.   The knotted hat are perfect for day time strolling and all out and about activities - just make sure you don't sleep your baby overnight in a hat (as they may overheat).

But if your not sure about 100% merino then check out our other merino weights - summer merino, winter merino, 50/50 blend or 100% cotton

Merino wrap (everyday STD merino)


Select colour:
  • chocolate spot
  • cornflower blue cross
  • greymarl
  • greymarl cross (out of stock)
  • soft mint stripe
  • navy blue
  • ruby red
  • cream
  • soft pink
  • cornflower blue
  • grey marl stripe


Naturally perfect - warm in Winter, cool in Summer and comfortable all-year-round

Need more convincing?

Why Merino

We only use 100% New Zealand made super soft merino which used against your babies skin will help absorb and release moisture and trap or circulate air as needed to regulate the temperature.  Merino will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in the summertime.  Merino is an ideal fabric to use if you suffer from skin sensitivity and because it is natural it is the perfect loving touch.

Why should I use a fitted body pocket wrap?

Using the body pocket means they are already 80% wrapped before you even start, which means no feet escaping - ever.  And because there is only one way to use them, you wrap them correctly each and every time.  In fact they are so easy to use, even dad can do it!.  And importantly, there is less chance of over heating, as you are not adding several layers of extra fabric around your baby to try and get a secure wrap.

How to wrap like a pro:

  • Lay the wrap out where you plan to wrap baby.  Both wings should be on the same side.
  • Slip baby into the fitted body pocket and wrap the shortest wing under baby, which will mean one arm is already wrapped.
  • Then stretch the longest wing across the front of baby and wrap tight around and under.  Then tuck into the side.

Click here for a more detailed look at the benefits of wrapping/swaddling.


Caring for merino?

All our products are machine washable and able to be tumble dried (on a cool setting) - but for more details about how to care for merino please visit our washing instructions page...check it out here

Why choose Baby Caterpillar?

  • Designed and made in New Zealand using 100% pure merino or cotton
  • In fact not only do we design locally, we cut and sew every garment out locally;   We ensure EVERY single item is thoroughly checked when complete, and NEVER let anything that is below our exceptionally high quality standards go out. 
  • Because we use quality natural fabrics they are low fire danger.  We comply with NZ/Australia safety standards. 

Safety first:

  • It is very important to never sleep your baby with a beanie or hat on as this may cause over-heating.  Our beanies are perfect to wear out and about. 
  • If you are wrapping or swaddling your baby, then it is important NOT to use blankets or duvets as well, not only can this lead to overheating, but there is a chance of your baby slipping under the covers while asleep.  Best practice is to add layers UNDER the wrap or swaddle to achieve the desired warmth. 
  • Once your baby starts to turn over, you must stop wrapping/swaddling and move to a sleeping bag option. 
  • I have used several different types of swaddles (or wraps as you call them) over the course of my 3 children, but I just had to email you and let you know that I love your one the most.  It really is so easy to use and fits for much longer than the other merino ones I had.  I have finished having children now, but I will be telling anyone who needs a swaddle for a baby to buy your ones. 

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Thank you for my sleep. I LOVE YOU! I received one of your baby merino swaddles for a baby shower gift, and finally my beautiful baby girl slept through for more than 2 hours at night. I had always wrapped her, but she always managed to get her arms and legs out and then wake up. Having the pocket thing meant she could not get her legs and feet out, then I just had to wrap her arms, and she stayed like that all night long. I will be getting a sleeping bag very soon

    Liz (& Isobel)
    Ellerslie, New Zealand

  • Just wanted to say how awesome your sleeping bags are!!! Quality make and TOUGH! I purchased the twin pack (1 winter & 1 std weight) I was a  bit dubious about spending so much but has been the best product I've bought for our little girl & worth every cent! so nice to know she's snug as in her bed .... Easy to wash too.  Would recommend your products over and over again.... And great they are still made in nz!!!  Thanks again

    Auckland, New Zealand