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Becoming a parent is exciting, but do you have a newborn clothing checklist to help you and your baby through the first few weeks and months.

Often parents buy the next size up in clothing (especially when they grow so fast) but when it comes to packing your hospital bag it is really important to buy a few newborn size merino essentials, just to see you through the first few weeks and months.  And remember not all merino wool is created equal.  Make sure you are buying quality, ethically sourced 'merino wool mark' wool to make sure it is as soft and gentle against newborn skin as possible - like ours!
And remember newborn babies need merino - yes, even those born in Summer.

We suggest you pack the following in your hospital bag - In an ideal world you would have 2 of each of these, but at the very least get one!

  • Merino long-sleeve bodysuit (newborn size)
  • Sleeveless bodysuit (newborn size)
  • Swaddle (newborn to 6mths) We suggest a fitted one.
  • Nightgown (newborn to 6mths) or a sleepsuit (newborn-3mths)
  • At least one merino beanie (newborn to 3mths)
  • At least one pair of merino socks (newborn to 3mths)

Newborn Clothing Checklist