Our Philosophy

Creating a warm, safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby with our merino sleepwear since 2007. 

All our merino sleepwear is ethnically designed and made locally in New Zealand.  But because we are exclusively online parents and babies can love our products all around the world xx

How to wrap your baby

How to wrap your baby

Play this video to see how simple our wraps are to use. Simply slip your baby into the body pocket and wrap the wings around - done!

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Whatever the season MERINO works xx

Here at Baby Caterpillar we have different weight merino to suit any baby and sleeping environment.   All our merino weights function the same - they will keep your baby warm in Winter and cool in Summer, and comfortable all year round.

SUMMER MERINO  (140-160gsm)

Summer - add 1 merino layer

Spring - add 2-3 merino layers

Autumn - add 2-3 merino layers

Winter - Not recommended


Summer - nappy only

Spring - add 1-2 merino layers

Autumn - add 1-2 merino layers

Winter - add 2-3 merino layers


Summer - Not recommended

Spring - add 1 merino layer

Autumn - add 1 merino layer

Winter - add 1-2 merino layers

How MERINO works xx

 Merino Wool and Babies - Try to forget everything you know about wool - when it comes to newborn babies MERINO WOOL is the only choice. It doesn't matter if it's the heat of Summer or the cold of Winter, merino will work, like magic, to regulate your newborn's temperature, especially for the all important first 12 weeks when they can't do it for themselves.  Merino is soft and gentle, lightweight and durable and won't irritate delicate newborn skin.  Please, we beg you, wear Merino 365 days of the year!!

Learn more about merino here


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