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Why Merino?

Merino Wool and Babies - Try to forget everything you know about wool - when it comes to newborn babies MERINO WOOL is the only choice. It doesn't matter if it's the middle of Summer or the heart of Winter, merino will work, like magic, to regulate your newborn's temperature, especially for the all important first 12 weeks when they can't do it for themselves.  Merino is soft and gentle, lightweight and durable and won't irritate delicate newborn skin. 


Merino Interlock is an extra warm option for bundling up your little one during the coldest of winter months.  It is ultra soft, ultra warm and completely essential for Winter or PREM babies.  Merino Interlock has been woven with pockets of air to give it extra warmth and durability without the weight.  Check out the collection here.

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Gift Vouchers

Are you struggling to decide what to buy for a newborn baby arrival? Not sure what colour to get, or if the wrap or nightgown is the better choice - or maybe both!  We offer an easy online gift voucher that can be emailed directly, so the lucky parents can shop on-line at their leisure, and get what they really want.

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Watch this video : Merino Wraps

Watch this video : Merino Wraps

A product that promises to make wrapping/swaddling your newborn baby so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed... and let's face it, at 3 in the morning, you probably will!

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