summer is perfect for merino when it comes to babies
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Our Philosophy

Creating a warm, safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby with our merino sleepwear since 2007.

All our merino sleepwear is ethically designed and made locally in New Zealand. But because we are exclusively online parents and babies can love our products all around the world xx

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Our most popular newborn essentials xx

When it comes to getting ready for your newborn baby, then you can't go past these merino essentials. They are all perfect to take to the hospital, and wear right from day 1.

Hospital Bundle Bag (summer)

Our most popular Bundle by far. This is a great way to get your wrap, nightgown & base layers ready for your new arrival.

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Merino Wrap with FREE beanie

Not only are our wraps the best way to swaddle your baby, but now they come with a FREE matching beanie. These are an essential to pack in your hospital bag.

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Merino Sleeveless Bodysuits (Summer)

These are perfect for layering right through the extra warm summer months. Sizes available from NB to 12mths.

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Merino Nightgowns

Available to fit your newborn all the way until approx 6 months. They are guaranteed to be one of your favourite pieces.

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Merino Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

These are an essential layering option, which will be worn day and night...each and every day. Perfect for sleep, play and adventuring.

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Merino Newborn Beanies

You can never have enough beanies when it comes to newborn babies. Generously sized, and ultra cute, our merino beanies are very popular.

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Why you should look at our wraps...

When it comes to swaddling your newborn baby, often you worry that you may be swaddling to tightly. You want to make them feel safe and secure, but you also need to allow them to move and not feel to restrained. Big square fabrics are good for allowing movement, BUT, you really need to learn the art of origami to fold them. And unless you have wrapped them incredibly tightly, they usually unravel in the middle of the night.

Our wraps give you the best of both worlds - you can wrap safely and securely (as tight or as loose as you like), without having to worry about unraveling. Watch our short video and you will see just how easy they are... Then you can swaddle WITHOUT over tightening


Merino weights explained xx

Finding it hard to decide whether to go with our Winter merino or our Summer merino. Well a simple way to look at it is this ---- think of your due date and count forward 3 months.... Does that take you through the REALLY HOT nights, or is it still a little chilly at 3am in the mornings. If its still a little Chilly then maybe go with the winter merino and layer down. If not, then maybe go with the Summer merino and layer up as needed. Either way, it's important to note that both of these merino options will work the same, in as, they will keep your baby warm when its cold and cool when its hot. And just in-case you are still worried, remember, is no real right or wrong purchase, when it comes to merino - just make sure that it is 100% pure merino and preferably NZ made and you will be fine xx

Winter Merino Collection

Super soft and perfect for all babies, infants and toddlers and is our most popular option. If you select the 220gsm merino, it it be slightly warmer than the 200gsm - but still feel ultra soft and not at all bulky - warmth without the weight!

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Summer/lightweight Merino Collection

All our Summer /lightweight Merino is 150-165gsm, which means it's ideal for babies born around the summer months. Our stunning Summer Lightweight Merino collection has all the warmth benefits that newborn babies need to regulate temperature, it's ultra-soft and ultra-lite-weight, so you get natural merino that is lite enough to layer with whatever you want. Now we are not saying, throw away your cotton or muslin wraps, but for the extra long, overnight sleeps merino is best.

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