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Should my baby wear merino in Summer? The answer is always yes, yes, yes!! Why, because it is the perfect natural fibre. 

Unlike cotton or polyester, merino is a natural fibre that breathes, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.  All Baby Caterpillar gowns, wraps and sleepsuits are made with soft, merino that is suitable year-round. Plus we have a collection of lightweight merino for extra hot temperatures - So you don't have to worry about layers, so for example you can use the lightweight merino wraps with just a nappy underneath in the really hot temperatures.

Newborn babies cannot regulate their own body temperature, so merino helps keep them at a constant, comfortable temperature all night.  Even on the hottest nights, the temperature often dips in the early hours of the morning, so merino gives you the confidence that your baby or toddler will be comfortable all night, whatever the temperature.  As a natural fibre, merino also wicks any moisture away from your baby or toddler, without becoming damp and cold as it dries.  Baby Caterpillar prides itself on its generous sizing, which stretches and grows with your baby or toddler, giving you comfort and great value!

Now here is the technical stuff!

With merino there is also no sensation of ‘prickle’ - only softness.  While several factors externally influence the sensation of ‘prickle’, and include the thickness of an individual’s skin (which varies with age and is the most sensitive in babies) and environmental conditions (high humidity and temperatures actually increase skin sensitivity).  Merino’s unique ability to buffer temperature and humidity (acting like a natural air-conditioning unit) provides an added advantage with respect to the latter.

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