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Looking after pure merino wool is not as hard as you think, just follow a few simple rules

DO | feel free to wash your merino in the washing machine on a gentle wool wash cycle.

DO | hand wash your merino if you want to be extra safe and extend the life even more.

DO | make sure you only use a wool approved detergent.

DO | tumble dry your merino on a low heat setting.

DO | remember merino dries fast, so it is quick and easy to line dry your merino, just keep it away from direct sunlight

DON'T | wash your merino at a temperature higher than 40 degrees C.

DON'T | forget to remove your merino from the wash immediately, and never leave to soak as this WILL RESULT IN HOLES.

DON'T | use bleach or NapiSan as this WILL RESULT IN HOLES.

DON'T | rub and/or wring out your merino to remove stains as this WILL RESULT IN HOLES.