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pure merino wool

Clothing for babies

Pure Merino wool

Spotlight on Nightgowns

Comfortably cozy and practical for those middle-of-the-night nappy changes, our merino nightgown are exactly what every newborn baby needs for sweet dreams

Looking for something small

Here is a few of our favorite things which tend to be very popular for baby shower gifts. All these items are under $45

pure merino wool

forever best seller

Hospital bundle package for your newborn baby. Simply select the colours you want and pack everything directly into your hospital bag.

Lets talk about swaddling

When it comes to swaddling your newborn baby, often you worry that you may be swaddling to tightly. You want to make them feel safe and secure, but also need to allow movement and not feel to restrained. Big square fabrics are good but, you need to be an expert in origami to fold them. Our swaddling fitted wraps can be used safely and securely (tight or as loose as you like). Watch our 1 min video and see for yourself.

pure merino wool

made with the planet in mind

All our baby wear is made with quality, super soft, ethically sourced merino, and we follow a sustainable process from beginning to end.

Why Merino?

Merino wool & babies

Try to forget everything you know about merino wool. When it comes to babies merino is really the only choice. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, merino will work like magic to regulate your babies temperature, especially in the all important first 3 months, when they can't do it for themselves. Merino is soft and gentle, lightweight and durable against delicate new skin.

How does it work?

Babies can wear merino all year round, because it will keep them cool in summer and toasty and warm in winter....but there is science behind why and how it does that.