All our merino sleepwear is ethnically designed and made locally in New Zealand


This is where we place any items where we only have one or two of each left (and usually we can't make up sets), or have a slight imperfection.

These are all at reduced prices to sell and are NOT RETURNABLE.  They are, however, all up to the usual standard you have come to expect from Baby Caterpillar (if they are seconds, they will be minor marks only). SAMPLES may not have all extra labels.

  • Nb:  If it states that there is a slight mark - we promise it will not be much.  Usually, it means that there is a dot or slight line somewhere not in the front of the product. 
  • If it states that there is a slight colour issue - again this just means that the colour is slightly different from our current range (usually it means it was from another roll of merino, which wasn't exactly the same)
  • If it states that there is a slight imperfection with the printed cross, it just means that the one or two of the crosses are not perfectly printed - not all of them.
  • The WINTER 100% merino terry as samples of our NEW merino not yet added to the website.  It is knitted with soft terry loop, providing efficient, lightweight, warmth and comfort (230gsm). 

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